Update: Dropbox vs. Wuala

Quite some time passed by since the last article about Dropbox vs. Wuala. Time to write a short update…

And I have to admit that I primarily used Dropbox in the last two years. Why? Because it simply works. Dropbox just sits there in the menu bar of the Mac and as soon as I save a file it is uploaded. Instantly, automatically, fast. A no worries solution – it just works. Sharing with other Dropbox-Users or non-Dropbox users just works. The service became the de-facto industry standard for cloud syncing over the last years. While there are many alternatives out there, Dropbox is supported by most mobile apps. Usually apps sync using iCloud (if on the Apple platform) and Dropbox. So there is no real way around it.

But let’s be fair and download and install the latest version of Wuala again. Knowing that the NSA has access to most data stored in the cloud, it is tempting to move the data to an encrypted cloud in Switzerland (and hope it’s safe there).

Unfortunately I am still not very convinced that Wuala is a good substitute for Dropbox, because of the following reasons:

  • The user interface is made for techies. It is not user friendly at all because it has so many options to choose from. On the other side it makes Wuala way more powerful – there is not only one single folder that is synced but there can be multiple folders which can be synced or backed up., independent from each other.
  • Speed improved – changing a file is now detected within a few seconds and the upload of a changed byte only is very quick as well.
  • While there is now a menu bar icon Wuala still has the application icon in the doc. Would be great to be able to hide it there. While I am complaining about the user interface – on the Mac the Wuala client looks very old fashioned and is not very pleasing to the eye.
  • Referrals unfortunately still expire after some time. So it is not possible to gain reliable space using referrals (like with Dropbox, where referred space never expires).

Overall I think there have been good improvements on the Wuala side, especially the speed improved quite a bit. Maybe I’ll give it another try…

Check out Wuala on your own (if you use this link you get some space for free).

Check out Dropbox on your own (if you use this link you get some space for free).


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  • Ann · 13.05.2014 at 15:42

    You keep failing to mention the best reason for avoiding Wuala – it requires you to install Java to work. We have constantly been warned by experts to uninstall this “disease” of Java so why does Wuala keep trying to install it?

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